Establishing the Artist's Color Palette

color wheel with forsythia blooms It is the vibrancy and richness of color that inspired me to start painting with oils.  I love how some passages of paint just seem to shimmer before my eyes, enhancing  my experience of the objects in the painting.

When I first started painting with oils, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of color choices and how I would often end up with a “muddy” or discordant color scheme, but when I began to focus on mastering the practical applications of color theory and how this influenced the paints I choose to use, my work began to have the harmony and saturated colors I was striving for.

It was during this time that I began to learn about the actual properties of the different paint pigments, armed with this additional information, I began to develop some color exercises as a means to better understand and learn the ins and outs of color mixing and how to develop my own color palette of paints.  As I grew in understanding of how different paint colors would mix together, exploration and mixing color became a pleasure.  I want to share this same sense of discovery and understanding with others, and this is why I developed a series of online classes dedicated to focus only on paint handling and color exploration.

The first class starts next week, and we are going to dive into how to apply the practical aspects of color theory to building an artist’s color palette that works for you.

The goal of the first class is to give you a solid understanding of how to adapt the concepts of color theory that focus on “ideal and perfect color” with the realities of the color pigments oil painters have to work with when establishing the color palette they work with.

As a class, we will explore different color palettes used by artists, from a limited palette to a bursting with choices colorist palette.  Lessons and exercises are designed to help you gain the knowledge and experience to apply color and paint mixtures with ease, enabling your creativity the freedom of expression.

If you work full-time or are just unable to enroll in a painting class that requires attendance, this class is for you.  You study at your own schedule, check in to the private class blog when it is convenient for you, and receive positive and helpful critiques of your paintings.

Register for Color Theory & Building an Artist’s Color Palette

$150 for 4-week online class




Following this class on color theory and building your color palette, four more classes are scheduled to dive into more specific areas of color and paint handling.  With each 4-week class designed to really focus on a specific lessons and techniques.  The other classes are:

Color Luminosity with Neutrals, Darks, and Lights

Versatility of Warm and Cool Color Transitions

Utilizing Color as a Part of Composition

Designing Composition with Color, Value, Pattern, and Rhythm