Wisteria at River Farm


Wisteria at River Farm

Wisteria at River Farm {approx 5 x 9 inches - oil on gessoed paper}

When at River Farm, I completed two studies of the wisteria blooming near the front door of the main house.

I was struck by the magnificent scent it was giving off, and how the purple was accented from the white stucco exterior. To me, the flowers seemed to shimmer and sparkle in the sun. In these two paintings I was drawn to capture the variation of purples found in the flowers, the organic weaving of the vines within the wood arbor, and how the new growth was so fragile and wispy. In these two paintings I focused most of my time on getting the wisteria correct, and left the architectural elements simple so that they would fall into the background.


Wisteria {7 x 5 inches - oil on gessoed paper}

CulledElizabeth Floyd