Second Beach, Newport by Worthington Whittridge: Session 3


20130308-4 worthington-whittridge-copyHello, I am still working on the copy of Second Beach, Newport by Worthington Whittridge, I have just been remiss in sharing the details here. And this is because sometimes as an oil painter you need to embrace the idea that you paint to destroy what has already come before.

Embracing this part of being an artist is a good thing to do, but it does not show well. And this has been the summary of my most recent times at the gallery...

Here is how the painting looked at the beginning of the day. 20130215-1 worthington-whittridge-copy-end-of-day

I focused the majority of my attention on the area of the water. Focusing on correcting the values more and to begin setting up the shot for later layers of glazes that will create the effect of the shallow sea.

20130308-3 worthington-whittridge-copy

Here is how the painting looked at the end of the day. 20130308-2 worthing-whittridge-copy

I am hopeful that soon the copy will be in a place where progress begins to move forward rapidly and that the fun final layers will laid down soon... Until then, think of this phase as the second act of a three part play, where the story is a bit dull and is slowly ascending to the final climax that makes the experience so worth all the invested time.