Visiting Whitby, UK {part 3 - the surroundings}


  My final installment of our trip...

One of the days, we took a double-decker bus to Pickering, about an hour from Whitby across the moors,to visit the heritage site of Pickering Castle.  This a great place to visit with kids because there are open fields and tumbled down walls to run and climb on.   Naomi had a blast keeping up with her fellow travelers :)

20130614 yorkshire-1


Here are some images of the Northern Yorkshire landscape, some of the tilled land and the more wild moors.


20130614 yorkshire-2

20130614 yorkshire-3

20130614 yorkshire-4

20130614 yorkshire-5 20130614 yorkshire-6

20130614 yorkshire-7

20130614 yorkshire-8