River Farm with a View of the Potomac, 5 x 12 inches


River Farm

River Farm with a View of the Potomac

This past April I was commissioned to paint a view of River Farm by the mother of a soon-to-be groom who was going to be married there in May.

River Farm is a beautiful estate setting that is on the Potomac River, offering beautiful water views and impressive gardens that surround the main house and terrace.

When I work on any commission, I gather information on the subject matter and then paint 2-3 different paintings incorporating the main subject matter. This gave me an opportunity to interpret the subject and also provides choices for the collector to choose from. And when working on a landscape commission, if it is possible, I will also go out and paint on site, completing some plein air studies to gather accurate color information, because when working from photographs often the colors and values may be a little skewed.

For this scene, the wisteria was particularly important, so I completed these two studies... 20130418-023 wisteria-matted

Wisteria at River Farm

…and this study of the view of the Potomac. River Farm View of the Potomac

With this information in hand, I returned to my studio to complete a painting with the main house and view of the Potomac River.


Here is the painting framed.

................................... 5 x 12 inches oil on linen panel In a Private Collection

Culled, soldElizabeth Floyd