Rose Arbor at River Farm, 5 x 12 inches


River Farm Rose Arbor

Rose Arbor at River Farm

This is the second painting completed for the River Farm commission I received in April.

As I mentioned before, I will often paint ±3 different views or scenes of the subject matter when working on commissions. This enables being totally invested in the paintings and allows for my creative expression. I think this harkens back to my architecture days and when during the schematic design phase I would often present three different options of the design solution, enabling the client to choose their favorite.

I realized when I switched to being an artist after years of being an architect, I wanted to always be proud of the work I created, so by creating several paintings to choose from in a commission I am guaranteed to be able to fully express my ideas while also giving the collector an opportunity to select their favorite painting.

We both win from this experience because the collector gets to take have the one they love the most, I create several paintings I am proud of, and the other paintings created for the commission are then available for sale at other venues.

Rose Arbor at River Farm

………………………….. framed painting: SOLD 5 x 12 inches, framed 11 x 18 inches oil on linen panel

Culled, soldElizabeth Floyd