Loudoun County, Autumn, and Farm Animals...

loudoun-county-1 Hello my friends,

I feel remiss in not sharing all that has been going on in my studio and life lately... and ask for your patience as I regroup and begin to show you what I have been working on. There are many paintings to share, some have already sold, and others will be available for sale once I post them online...

As I still need to edit the photographs of these paintings, I thought you may like to see some snapshots from our weekend.


We headed out to Loudoun County for the annual Fall Farm Tour. I love going out this way in the autumn because of all the lovely views and the striking colors of the leaves.

In the past few years I have really begun to value the autumn and all its beauty.


We all had fun looking at the various farm animals. Naomi was particularly impressed by the different animals we encountered.

I forgot to take photos of the highlight of the day, I was too caught up in observing how the farm used an Australian Shepard to herd the flock of sheep in and out of their pen. It was so fun seeing how dog and man work together as a team to get some rather unruly sheep to behave.


I also liked seeing some beautiful morning glory vines taking over in a vegetable patch... making me realize I am not the only one who lets invasive weeds exist if they are pretty :)


This was my favorite shot of the day, Naomi hugging her Papa.

See you soon, Liz