Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 7

20140123 van-gogh-roses-1

{my setup}

Today was a day of progression. Working my way around the canvas.

Working on this painting has made me more decisive about my brushstrokes. My mentor, Danni Dawson, recommended that I do not try to copy every exact brushstroke, but instead I need to strive to emulate the gesture and energy that Van Gogh’s brushwork has. Saying all this, I also admit that at times I do observe brushstrokes, visualize making them exactly as they are on the canvas before me and then I return to my copy and purposefully paint the strokes.

20140116 van-gogh-rose-3

{at the beginning of the sixth session}

20140123 van-gogh-roses-2

{end of sixth session}

This practice of stopping to understand, imaging the sequencing and movement of laying down paint, and then actually laying down paint has made me more aware of how important it is to think while painting and how mental involvement is so important in gaining a positive outcome.

Creating art is as much mental problem solving as it is pushing paint around.