Life lately and finding inspiration...

20140307 life-lately-1 Hello my friends,

We are now in March, the month I equate to the beginning of spring… and I am hoping we will soon see signs of the coming season outside, sadly, we have had a number of cold days with snow and ice lately…

20140307 life-lately-2

This March is also special for me because it marks my five year anniversary of leaving my career in architecture to pursue art full time. Every day I thank my lucky stars that my hubby had enough faith in my skill and drive to make something of my dream.

And I want to thank you for also joining me on this journey.

Following a creative career is full of highs and lows, with long stretches of working day and night, sometimes seven days a week and not seeing any direct results from all the effort expended, but when the rewards do come… it is something special.

I cherish every time a collector reaches out to me and decides to add one of my creations to their collection.

Because I never know what will occur at the end of each day, my main goal is to live as creatively as possible, by incorporating as many creative acts into my life as is possible. And the way I do this is by finding inspiration wherever I can.

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When I first started blogging {going on 7 years now} I would use my Friday blog post as an opportunity to give back and share snippets of inspiration with you. Somehow I fell out of that habit and lately I have been missing it. So starting today, I will begin posting on Fridays the things that inspire my creative spirit and hopefully yours as well.

Here are a few of my favorite Friday Inspiration Posts: