The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil by Claude Monet: Session 2

20140320 Monet-garden-01

{progress at the end of the day}

Last week, I was back at the NGA working on this copy.

20140320 Monet-garden-02

{progress at the beginning of the day}

Once seeing the painting again with fresh eyes, I realized I needed to rework the sky some before getting back to middle-ground area where all the sunflowers are in this painting.

20140320 Monet-garden-03

{progress at lunch time}

It took me awhile to get back into the mindset to paint like Monet, but once I did, things moved along...

20140320 Monet-garden-04

{progres at the end of the day}

I can't wait to dive in next time. I am hopeful that I will be able to cover a lot of canvas with bright and juicy paint, while learning how to paint more suggestively.