Alla Prima: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting by Al Gury


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Alla Prima by Al Gury

This is an excellent book for beginning and intermediate level artists who are interested in learning more about painting in the direct method, or alla prima.

I found this book well organized and thoughtful in how it presented information. The first part is dedicated to basic materials, and the second part to color. However, it is the last two sections of the book that really make this a good reference book to own.

Part Three is dedicated to explaining and teaching the different techniques associated with painting in a direct manner.

fav-art-books-alla-prima-02 {wipe-out method of underpainting}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-03 {color blocking technique}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-04 {layering technique}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-05 {blending technique}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-06 {brushwork}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-07 {scumbling, velaturas, and glazes}

Part four of the book explores the different genres of painting, and how the alla prima method of painting might be applied to them.

fav-art-books-alla-prima-08 {Portraiture}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-09 {Figurative}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-10 {Still Life}

fav-art-books-alla-prima-11 {Landscape}

Its a fascinating book with a lot of different artists contributing to the book, thus also providing a glimpse at all the different ways artists can apply the direct method of painting.

Alla Prima: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting