My Garden: Mid-April

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-01

Since the middle of March I have been spending more time outside prepping the garden for spring and summer flowers. Working in the crisp mornings or the temperate afternoons has been a joy.

Here are some images of my focus lately.

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-02

Naomi's play house and sandbox is in the middle of my "formal" flower garden.  In early March the playhouse got a new color scheme from its original cedar red.  Tulips and forget-me-nots are blooming in abundance now while all the other plants are starting to leaf.

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-03

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-04

Last spring I got a celandine wood poppy and I am so pleased to see it back and so happy among the forget-me-nots and bleeding hearts.

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-05

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-06

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-07

The tulips and daffodils in the foreground are located in my "dry" bulb beds.  I am experimenting with having some areas of my yard being low maintenance, the ground covered in wood-chip mulch and allowing various bulbs to naturalize.

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-08

20150423 my-garden-mid-april-09

And this is a small "test" section of my back flower boarder that is typically full of annuals.  Last fall I decided to test a section of it by planting some fritillaria meleangris and scillia siberica.  To my surprise the fritillaria, which are particularly known for being fussy and temperamental have prospered while the scillia were a bit lackluster.  So next fall I think I will expand to another area...

Have a wonderful day and soon I hope to have some spring themed paintings to share.