My Garden: End of February


201602 - my garden-01{hellebore, one of my favorite winter flowers}

As gardening is such a part of my studio practice, I thought this year I would share monthly snippets of this part of my life.

201602 - my garden-02 {Naomi's playhouse and sandbox in the middle of my butterfly garden}

Not much occurs in the wet and cold month of February.  As soon as the ground is no longer waterlogged from seasonal rains, early spring gardening starts in earnest.

Starting next week, I will fertilize everything, giving my roses an extra dose of love {the roses are still under their winter burlap blankets}, and I will also begin to lay down a layer of compost everywhere.  Often I try to get a layer of compost down before the ground freezes at the beginning of winter, because it visually cleans everything up and makes for an easier start in spring.   About half of my garden still needs its compost to go down and after it is all down, I will setup my cold frame so I can begin my seedlings.

March is going to be a busy and fun month.

I am sooooo looking forward to the spring bulbs and I am very happy to see the green tips poking up through the soil. Tulips and daffodils! Yippee!