Saying Hello: Studio Status and Creative Mantra

20160620 paintings{Recent work-in-progress paintings along side some completed paintings}


This morning I am stopping in to say hi and give you an update of how things are going this summer.

My mantra as an artist is all about expressing my world view of the importance of living life to the fullest and celebrating the simple things that go into daily life. I strive to capture the feelings and visual impressions of the objects that populate my life. Lately, I am not posting to my website as often as I did several years ago, however I am still creating on a daily basis. My priorities are divided on creating art and being there for my husband, daughter and friends.

In the last two years I have been working on larger and more complex paintings than before and at the end of the day my mental bandwidth has shifted. It is not so easy to write about what I created at the end of the day because I am still thinking about it and trying to solve any challenges or problems that arose in the paintings I am working on. Often paintings are taking longer to complete and I am becoming more introspective about them. In the last nine months I have noticed that I often sit on a painting for several weeks before I decide whether it is finished or not, this is because now I will go back into a painting and tweak an area or change aspects of another. I am learning that a painting can be continually worked on for years if I am so inclined to do so.

In addition, I am preparing for a three-woman exhibition at the Principle Gallery, Alexandria, and I am holding off writing specific posts about the individual paintings I am creating for the exhibition until August.

My communications will be limited this summer while I am busy at work in my studio and garden.