Pink Pajamas

20180506-001 Pink Pjs 32x48 100 pxls.jpg

Pink Pajamas
48 x 32 inches 
oil on linen

This painting was inspired totally by my daughter Naomi. She had asked for a blue quilt because in late 2014, blue was her favorite color (today it is purple).  In early 2015 I began to piece it, Naomi even helped with some of the machine sewing.

My goal with this painting was to capture Naomi’s essence on a lazy morning. The kind when it’s bright and sunny outside, however you’re having so much fun hanging out inside that the thought of changing out of your PJs just seems like too much effort. I am happy with how this painting turned out.


82nd National Midyear Show, The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH - Awarded Honorable Mention
10th Annual Expressions Portrait Competition and Exhibition, Artspace Herndon, Herndon, VA - Awarded 2nd Place

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