Valuing Everyday Moments

Elevating everyday moments into fine art

In 2012, my husband helped me narrow down my art philosophy into this distinct and simple statement. Five years later it still holds true today. It is my goal to celebrate and live with intention, and to bring this sense of life to my creative process of painting.

In the last year so much has changed, but still this underlying principle holds, and I still come to art with the deep desire to share my love of simple things and elevate these experiences into fine art. 2017 has been a year of transition and growth, and today marks an important anniversary for my own path as an artist.

10 years ago today, I started my art blog, I was still a working architect, but I had a dream about leaving that profession to follow my heart to become an artist. To live and work by expressing my sense of beauty and sharing it with the world.

Now that I am an artist, I realize that I make more art than I would ever need personally.  I make more because I want to share and to sell my work, so it will go out and exist in the greater world.

I want my artwork to adorn someone’s home and to become someone else’s expression of their creative spirit.

I want my art to brighten the lives of others and to grow with meaning.

Thus, my goal is for these everyday moments to become more expressive and inclusive with you.

Heirloom Apples, 8 x 8 inches – oil on linen panel, In a Private Collection

Heirloom Apples, 8 x 8 inches – oil on linen panel, In a Private Collection

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


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