Ring, Sparrow, Phoenix

20150706-013_Ring-Sparrow-Phoenix 24x36 blog.jpg

Ring, Sparrow, Phoenix

24x 36 inches, Oil on Linen

I paint the flowers I grow.

I love interweaving the flowers grown in my garden into the paintings I make, taking the fleeting moment of a flower’s season into a more permanent experience. A flower in a vase will last only so long, but a flower in a painting will stay with you forever.

This painting is an ode to marriage. Celebrating the fidelity , the   The ring laying on the tabletop represents fidelity of love, the sparrow on the Pennsylvania redware pitcher symbolizes industriousness industriousness required to make a marriage good and the phoenix on the Imari bowl is a reminder of the chance for renewal and growth when being a part of something bigger than oneself.

Elizabeth Floyd