Elevating everyday moments into fine art


-this is my mantra.  I am drawn to objects of beauty that still have the impression of the craftsman’s hand.  I value all hand-cultivated arts and strive to incorporate these items into my paintings. 


In and Out of the Garden

30 x 36 inches, Oil on Linen

I paint the flowers I grow.

I love interweaving the flowers grown in my garden into the paintings I make, taking the fleeting moment of a flower’s season into a more permanent experience. A flower in a vase will last only so long, but a flower in a painting will stay with you forever.

This painting is a homage to the month of May.   Every year, around Mother's Day, our strawberries come into full ripeness. The roses unfurl their first flowers and columbine and peonies have their season.  It is in May that the first glories begin to really express themselves, offering variety and color.

If you wish to purchase an original work of art, these paintings are sold exclusively through galleries.  Please contact my local gallery if you are interested in purchasing a painting, the Principle Gallery | Alexandria, 208 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, phone: 703.739.9326, info@principlegallery.com

A little about me:

I am an artist and teacher living in Alexandria, VA.

I am someone who seeks clarity of ideas.  I am drawn to color, pattern, and detail.  In my artwork, I am fascinated with incorporating beauty observed in my surroundings, always striving to celebrate the simple moments of life. 

It is with much gratitude that I find myself an artist today.  This was not always the case. I went to school to be an architect, and then practiced for nine years.

On the eve of turning 35, I left the architectural profession to pursue being an artist full-time.  I parlayed the strong observational and sketching skills gained from being an architect towards mastering representational oil painting. By establishing a self-directed study plan, I gained proficiency by attending art classes and workshops, and by copying masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Now I work and teach in my home studio and garden, creating paintings that are firmly rooted in intensive observation while celebrating the seasons of the year.

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