Clover Flower Crown, 18 x 14 inches

Clover Flower Crown by Elizabeth Floyd, oil on linen, 18 x 14 inches

Clover Flower Crown, Naomi

My dear daughter Naomi turned five yesterday.

This portrait of Naomi was of a fun afternoon when I was not feeling well and we were hanging out on a blanket in our backyard. I was laying back and she began to gather clover flowers for me to make me feel better. It was so cute, that I was revived enough to make her a flower crown of the clover flowers found in our yard. We had three different types of clover, the common White Clover, Red Clover, and Large Hop Clover. I loved how each of them worked together. Weeds can be wonderful things, even if they do try to take over sometimes :)

This is how she looks this summer, sun-kissed with freckles, shoulder length hair and a whimsical smile.

Framed Painting
{18″ x 14″ – oil on linen}

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Saying Hello: Studio Status and Creative Mantra

20160620 paintings
{Recent work-in-progress paintings along side some completed paintings}


This morning I am stopping in to say hi and give you an update of how things are going this summer.

My mantra as an artist is all about expressing my world view of the importance of living life to the fullest and celebrating the simple things that go into daily life. I strive to capture the feelings and visual impressions of the objects that populate my life. Lately, I am not posting to my website as often as I did several years ago, however I am still creating on a daily basis. My priorities are divided on creating art and being there for my husband, daughter and friends.

In the last two years I have been working on larger and more complex paintings than before and at the end of the day my mental bandwidth has shifted. It is not so easy to write about what I created at the end of the day because I am still thinking about it and trying to solve any challenges or problems that arose in the paintings I am working on. Often paintings are taking longer to complete and I am becoming more introspective about them. In the last nine months I have noticed that I often sit on a painting for several weeks before I decide whether it is finished or not, this is because now I will go back into a painting and tweak an area or change aspects of another. I am learning that a painting can be continually worked on for years if I am so inclined to do so.

In addition, I am preparing for a three-woman exhibition at the Principle Gallery, Alexandria, and I am holding off writing specific posts about the individual paintings I am creating for the exhibition until August.

My communications will be limited this summer while I am busy at work in my studio and garden.


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My Garden: End of May

201605 - my garden 01
May came and went very quickly and I was particularly happy with how lovely the irises were this year.

201605 - my garden 02This summer I hope to have a bunch of dahlias to paint, as I planted several tubers and have already installed their tomato cage supports to help me remember where they were planted.  I also labeled them, which is not a common action of mine because I embrace the whole “wild gardening” attitude and often let volunteers grow where they seed themselves.  This of course leads to a crazy garden in August and September.

Already I have gaillardia and batchelor buttons growing in places I did not expect this year, however I love them, so they remain where they are :)

201605 - my garden 04
Recently Naomi asked to take some photos of the garden.  The photos below were taken by her.  It is so magical seeing what she admires and likes enough to photograph.

201605 - my garden by naomi 01

201605 - my garden by naomi 02

201605 - my garden by naomi 03

201605 - my garden by naomi 04
Naomi loves the clover growing all over our lawn, and has been picking them to make bouquets and flower crowns lately.

201605 - my garden by naomi 05

201605 - my garden by naomi 06

201605 - my garden by naomi 07


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Three-Woman Exhibition and Portrait Painting Demo in August

This August my work will be part of a three-woman exhibition! (Yay!) I am super excited about this opportunity to have my work hang beside the talented Cindy Procious and Mia Bergeron.

The next three months are going to be busy. To make sure I am ready for August, I am painting a lot, exploring new painting subjects along with focusing on my floral still-life work. (I have some previews of some of the work I have finished so far, however I have yet to photograph them… more to come later.)

In addition to the exhibition, the Principle Gallery is also hosing another FaceOff Portrait Painting demonstration. We three ladies (Cindy, Mia, and I) will paint a portrait sketch in three hours on Saturday, August 27th.

In order to prepare for this event, I need your help. If you live in the DC area, I am looking for people to volunteer for a 2-hour practice portrait sketch. Here is a link to available dates.

And this is a recent portrait sketch completed a few weeks ago.
20160428 sheba sketch

Two summers ago I participated in this event, and you can read more about how I prepared for the FaceOff then. Read more here and here.

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My Garden: End of April

201604 - my garden 01
April has been a fun month in the garden.  The tulips came and went, as well as the daffodils.

201604 - my garden 02
The gravel paths are in and Naomi likes them :)  She has been seen playing outside in her playhouse and sandbox.

201604 - my garden 02a
In addition to all the bulbs, the peonies are also breaking through and beginning to bud.

201604 - my garden 03

201604 - my garden 04
I love blown out tulips.

201604 - my garden 05
A few years ago a friend gave me some English Bluebells, and this is the first time they have bloomed!  I dream of having a big colony of them intermixed with these daffodils.

201604 - my garden 06
Naomi likes the daffodils also.

201604 - my garden 07
A last view of tulips and daffodils.

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