Heirloom Tomato #9, 8 x 8 inches

Heirloom Tomato #9

 Heirloom Tomato #9

Every year I anticipate the end of summer and the imagined glut of tomatoes I hope to receive from the garden. Alas, this year did not yield the desired amount to indulge upon. We have been lucky with a few but not the bumper crop like we have experienced in previous summers…

Have you had success this year with your tomatoes? I hope so, as there is nothing more sweet and delicious than eating fresh tomatoes.

Heirloom Tomato #9- framed

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Framed: $400
{8″ x 8″ (20.3 x 20.3 cm) – oil on linen panel}
{14″ x 14″ (35.6 x 35.6 cm) with frame}

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The Language of Drawing by Sherrie McGraw



The Language of Drawing by Sherrie McGraw

So many books talk about painting, but so few really focus on the art of drawing. This is one of my favorites, especially as it has so many beautiful examples to gaze at and if you are ambitious, copy.





Another aspect of this book that I love is all the thoughtful text that supports Sherrie McGraw’s ideas about representational art.  She presents her ideas so well, and every time I open this book and begin reading a section, I come away wiser and energized to apply what I have just learned.fav-art-books-language-of-drawing-05









The Language of Drawing: From an Artists Viewpoint


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Lilies and Cleome, 10″ x 8″

Lilies and Cleome

Lilies and Cleome

This morning our house was quite chilly, the end of the growing season is fading and I am feeling nostalgic about the summer that has just been. In these reflections, I realized this plein air painting was never shared with you. It was completed at the beginning of the summer, when my flower bed was just beginning to bloom.

Framed Painting: $500
{10″ x 8″ – oil on canvas panel}

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Life Lately… {recap of August}

20140902 life-lately-1

Hello my friends,

I always treat the Tuesday after Labor Day as a start of a new season, time to pick up the pace and start focusing on tasks and working on new goals… So it is also a time I like to look back at the last days of summer and savor them.

20140902 life-lately-2

We have had a busy and relaxing summer. I hope you have as well :)

20140902 life-lately-3

See you soon,


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The Human Figure by John H. Vanderpoel



The Human Figure by John H. Vanderpoel

When I was still an architect, the majority of my focus in art was the figurative genre. This is because most of the classes I took then were figurative, and to me there is nothing more challenging or rewarding than drawing the human form and capturing a modicum of likeness and accuracy.

And being the diver that I am, when I was on my own I would take time to practice drawing the human form by copying out of books, and one of my favorite books to copy from was Vanderpoel’s The Human Figure.

So this summer when I needed to bone up on facial features again, I returned to copying from this book. But instead of using charcoal or graphite, I used oil paint. I switched my practice to oil paint because when you are painting, you are using masses to create form, where when you are drawing, you typically rely on contour and line to create form, and I wanted to practice my paint handling at the same time as I was practicing the human form.

Here are some photos of how I used this book to practice.

fav-art-books-vanderpoel-02b copy

Using a limited palette of titanium white, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue, I would copy out each small drawing that graces the margins of this book. These were all fast studies, I would set a timer for thirty minutes and try to complete each page of images in that time frame. The goal was to quickly discern the important shapes and try to capture it with speed and accuracy.

Nothing too precious, in fact I would take a photo of each session with my iphone and then wipe the studies down and start over.


fav-art-books-vanderpoel-04a copy



The text is extremely helpful in reinforcing what you learn from the act of copying out. So I encourage you to read each chapter at the same time you are copying the images.

The Human Figure


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