Fruit Still Life

Apple  Meyer Lemons 2008.jpg

Apple and Meyer Lemons – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I am currently working on a larger piece with apples, however sometimes I get bored with just focusing on this one painting and need a break. So I set up this composition. I wanted to try my hand again with checkered fabric and I am always fascinated with trying to depict “round” forms.

I have also recently started painting on 6” x 6” canvas panels; so many daily artists use this format. It has been fun to see how I group items differently with the square format versus a rectangular one. As an architect, I like the combination of inscribed circles within squares as a beautiful design motif. This attitude is present in the way I tend to setup compositions. In past square format paintings, I would typically arrange all the items so the compositions would flow in a circular pattern, however for this painting I worked to setup a strong triangular composition instead. I believe it works well because of the fun pattern of the checkered cloth and the heavy brightness of the red apple being balanced with the three lemons. It was a fun little painting that was a fun mental challenge while also being good practice.