Pear Still Life and Blogging Thoughts

Green Pear on checked cloth 2008.jpg

Green Pear on a Checkered Cloth – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This was another fun experiment with paint and pattern.

I typically always write about my painting experience; however for the past few days I have been pondering on the wonderful outlet that blogging is! I have been having such a fun time with it, and I feel I have yet to maximize the communication potential. This may be because I do not interact enough on other’s blogs, however I do so enjoy receiving updates from other artists like Carol Marine, Karin Jurick, and Jelaine Faunce. Yesterday I discovered the whole Julie/Julia project blog, and this blog began in 2002 and has essentially been completed for almost 4 years! Wow, it is just amazing the fun stuff people share on the internet! I am glad I am participating in the blog-o-sphere… And in that vein of thought, I will share with you all some of the other more regular activities I do in order to improve my drawing/rendering skills beyond painting as often as I can fit it into my schedule…

One of the things I do is that I practice drawing as often as I can, the best opportunities for my during the work week is dedicating my lunch hours to drawing. When work is calm enough for me to take a break, I often go to a nearby mall that has a communal seating area with tables. I am working my way through Bridgeman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life, it is a tome of over 300 pages of drawings of people and anatomy. I have been using my lunch breaks to get through this book since last November, and as of today I am at a little more than half-way through the book. I anticipate once the weather warms up in the DC area with Spring and Summer I will head outdoors and actually sketch from life at the nearby parks. However until the weather is a comfortable 70 degrees or more I will stay indoors (as I get chilled easily), under a large skylight with piped in music and the noises of people buying products often found in malls. When I start drawing original scenes I will scan and post those drawings as well to share on my blog.

Happy Easter to everyone! Liz