Circle Within a Square

peach 2008.jpg

Peach – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This painting is my ode to Easter, I specifically chose these colors as they remind me so much of the colors one finds on anything that is related to Easter. When I was little, Easter was my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I loved going on Easter egg hunts and filling my basket with hard boiled eggs, candy filled plastic eggs, and once in a while I would find money in an egg or two… Now that I am an adult I used this day to catch up on chores and paint. As my work weeks are typically very busy.

I have not painted a peach in over a year, what fun it was to work on capturing the variations in the skin while also being true to the round form of the peach. I also like the graphic nature of the composition; alas I did go back to my favorite compositional method, of a circle inscribed within a square. I just like the stable and solid feeling of this design scheme, in architecture this would be called its parti. Which is a graphical summation (not necessarily representational) of an architect's design scheme and solution that outlines and/or clarifies the arrangement and relations of the parts of the whole design. I often feel that this parti is the compositional arrangement found in paintings, artists and architects just use different words...