Red Apple

apple 20082.jpg

Red Apple – 5" x 7" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I really like this simple painting because of the folds of the dishtowel. The white of the dishcloth reflected into the shadow area of the apple creating some fun reflected light.

On a side note, my office is in the midst of a move so unfortunately I have not had much time to sketch during my lunch break, because I have not really had one lately L. Though this is not keeping me back in working on sketching, in the evenings I have been working on some contour line sketches and something I am calling “memory sketch exercises”. These memory exercises consist of me viewing some photos I have recently taken of tourists in the DC area. I look the photos for a full minute or so and then reduce the image and sketch what I can from memory. After I am complete, I then restore the photo preview and in another color ink pen, draw the person more accurately over my original memory sketch. These exercises are helping me build my memory skills in remembering fleeting scenes and images I like. I was talking with Danni Dawson about this today in my painting class, and she said that with time this skill of recalling and remembering gets to be more natural and of a second sense. So hopefully my mind will start to understand this game and improve on remembering what I see. So if a person I am sketching does stand up and walk away, I will still have the image in my mind enough to sketch the gist of what interested me in the scene in the first place!