Three Pears

3 pears in a bowl 2008.jpg

Three Pears in a Bowl – 5" x 7" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

Today started out as a gray and rainy day, and I had the good fortune to not having to work today. My office is in the midst of a move, and when I arrived today at the building, it was utter chaos. I was told to go home since the desks were not yet built for our individual workstations; hopefully tomorrow will be a different story… This being said I took advantage of the day off by painting and catching up on reading articles that have been piling up.

I think because of the gray and rainy day, I was inspired to set up a still life that was bright and in a high key. These pears were solid green last week, and to my delight they have ripen to include some nice rosy red areas. I find it easier to paint pears when they are all a solid color, however today I relished the challenge. When Steve, my husband, saw this painting he commented that it looked like the pears were three friends in a boat… I like that analogy and enjoy grouping fruit in this bowl.