A Sense of Being

Untitled 03 2008.jpg

Being with Oneself – 10" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel NFS
{completed in class taught by Danni Dawson}

This painting was completed a few months ago. Initially it represented a switch in my sense of skill and mastery of paint handling. However it was not until this morning when I was looking at it on my wall that I realized that it means more to me than just an accomplishment. I feel a sense of understanding and community with the environment that is was created in. In the world where beauty is found in everyone, where life is full of vibrant colors, and the senses are encouraged to be heightened and expressed. Painting is such a wonderful experience for me, even when I go through slumps and wonder why and how to get out of them, it seems that there is always a way to navigate and to soon return to firmer ground where creating art will soon return.

Today I have had difficulty getting the momentum and focus to paint. I have used today to read and contemplate. And when I happened to glance up on the wall I was moved to realize that the ability to move forward and produce is within my grasp. Another painting today that also really captures the joie de vivre I have been thinking about is Karin Jurick's Emanicpation. Wow, I feel the power and confidence in the woman sitting on that beach, the lust for life and enjoyment in the moment.

When motivation is low, I tend to find sources that remind me of the good and wonderful in life. What do you focus on when there is a slump in motivation or focus?