Orange Still Life

Orange 2008.jpg

Orange – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

Today was a day of working through new exercises and learning when to start over. I scraped down two previous paintings until I came up with this composition and color palette. It is once again the circle within a square motif, a stable image with the interest occurring by the way the shadow of the orange crosses over and merges the two color fields.

Another artist I find inspirational is Colin Page. His work is so dynamic and thoughtful at the same time. The first few images of his website are so interesting, especially the dandelion blooms. He also has a great journal/blog that is full of wonderful information and thoughtful commentary. A few weeks ago he wrote about the importance of beauty, and linked an article covering this topic. It was very interesting, when visiting his website or web-journal I feel as if I learn something new or come away with a new level of excitement that makes me eager to start painting and to try something new!