Bowl of Lemons - Circular Composition within a Square

bowl of lemons 2008.jpg

Bowl of Lemons – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel - SOLD

In this painting I was going for a pretty classic image, a bowl of fruit. Initially my goal was not to make such a symmetrical and compact composition, it came together that way. As I posted a few months ago, I really enjoy the “circle within a square” motif, with its sense of a beginning and an end while always staring over and never ending.

I just feel it is a stable and optimistic compositional format that looks forward while also being happy to stay in the present. Oh, I do not know if this is how others feel, it is just my impression every time I think about it and my way of explaining to myself, why it repeatedly crops up as a composition in my paintings… maybe others have a different opinion, this is just mine.

Thanks, Liz