Inspiration & a Peeled Orange Still Life

peeled orange 2008.jpg

Peeled Orange – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the book Taking The Leap and the author’s recommendation to keep a visual journal where daily you record a minimum of three design/art ideas. Well, nightly before going to bed I jot down three ideas, sometimes the ideas are just a list of bullet points, other times they end up being thumbnail sketches, or a mixture of both. It has been a fun exercise, both of patience and dedication, as sometimes I just want to go to sleep after a long day of work and extracurricular activities… However this little painting is the first direct result of keeping this journal.

I was stumped on what next to focus on, I have been working on larger more complicated paintings, and I need something simple but also a challenge. I also did not want to revisit a subject I have painted recently, so I started flipping through the journal and came across a series a thumbnail sketches that were of partially peeled lemons and oranges. I was inspired. And here is the result.

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