Random sketch of a door...

door graphite 1.jpg

Graphite on sketch paper 80lb.

For the past few days I have been feeling like I am on a treadmill on the steepest slope setting, going faster than what is in my typical running pace...

This being said, unfortunately I do not have a current painting or sketch to upload. This pencil sketch was completed a few years ago when I was trying to decide if I prefer sketching with a mechanical pencil, lead holder, or a regular pencil. So this drawings was completed with 2B & 4B leads in the various methods. I have since decided that when using graphite, I prefer using a lead holder and selecting my lead hardness from the various Turqouise leads available. I like how with a lead pointer one can get a super fine line, and if you twirl the holder while drawing a line, the point can stay for awhile. I also like the sustainablity of it, I only need one lead holder and a container with the various leads.

Later this week I will probably post some more sketches and thoughts, I just cannot guarantee any new paintings for a bit. I am working on building a website and some other "back of house" projects that require time and effort, they just do not show visible results with postings on this blog. Please be patient, and I expect by the first week in September all the end of summer goals and tasks will be completed and I will be back to making paintings and postings.

Thanks, and have a great Labor Day Weekend! Liz