View of Potomac Landscape Painting

view of potomac 2007.jpg

View of the Potomac – 8” x 10” Oil on Canvas Panel NFS

I am still working on art “back of house” stuff and two large paintings. So blog posts have been slim. Fortunately my husband, Steve, brought home this painting from his office. I completed this landscape painting last year and never posted it on this blog. Seeing a painting after a long while is like receiving a gift from an old friend. Welcome home again!

Since moving to the DC area over eight years ago, I love the views of the Potomac River and the dense trees that pervade the area. During the summer the landscape has these great hazy prospects that emphasize the rolling terrain of the region and the sweltering heat. So the light is diffused and somewhat grayed out. The quality of light is changing now that we are moving into the fall. Humidity is reducing and the light is sharper. Casting stronger shadows and saturating the views. Saying this emphasizes I really need to get outdoors and paint, instead of just thinking about it and describing it. Well, if this weekend goes well, maybe all of my chores will be completed and my larger paintings will be far enough along to head outside…

Have a great evening! Liz