Daffodils and Pomegrante Still Life

03 2009 Daffodils  plate 12x9.jpg

Daffodils and Pomegranate – 12" x 9" – Oil on Canvas – SOLD

I started this painting on Friday, wanting to paint a bunch of daffodils in varying positions. The strong geometric form of these flowers ~ six petals where the points make a hexagon, the central cone also having ±6 facets where the points usually are centered on the petals ~ really fascinates me. Geometry and nature do coincide sometimes.

As a kid I was given a coloring book that was just different kinds of grids, where you could color in different sections to create your own patterns, it was kind of like this book. I loved how there were infinite pattern options available to color. When painting these daffodils I was reminded of these childhood experiences of coloring and finding pleasure in repetitive but varied patterns, using the brightest colors available to me in my box of 64 crayons.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a week to accompany my husband on a business trip. I am not sure if I will have an opportunity to post during the week. If not I will return Monday, April 6th.

Have a nice week. Liz