Daffodil Daily Painting

03 2009 single daffodil.jpg

Single Daffodil – 6" x 6" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Today was planned to be focused on drawing and other items, instead the inspiration muse took over and inspired me to paint this instead. This flower is from a bunch picked up earlier this week and fearing that they would not last much longer I took advantage of a flexible schedule and painted away. While painting I typically listen to audio books, either from CDs we own or from the great resource Librivox. Today I was finishing the Ring trilogy “the Return of the King” and now need to think about the next book that will be a good one for background when painting. Typically I like fun, light works like the Harry Potter series or Huck Finn. Any suggestions?

Also I want to share with you the efforts of last weekend. I spent almost all of Sunday adding archived photos to Flickr. The goal was to create a set “Daily Painting Archive” that had all the daily paintings I have completed since beginning this blog in September of 2007. This was a great exercise, showing the progress of my painting skills and also a visual record of often repeated themes. I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize the rest of the photostream. I have had this accound for over 8 months and am only now starting to really upload and use it. If you have any experience on how best to organize your photos, I would be very interested. I am still not sure what the difference between collections and sets are...