Three Turnips Still Life & Etsy

03 2009 three turnips.jpg

Three Turnips – 6" x 12" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

With the encouragement of others to open an Etsy store this week and after spending 16+ hours reformatting my hard drive and getting my life back in order on the computer, I opened one ( It was something considered before when working fulltime in architecture, I had just been putting it off. I was afraid of being overwhelmed about whether I would be able to juggle the “almost-daily painting” auctions, my other responsibilities and a new store on a new selling platform. Now that I am dedicating all of my efforts to art and the selling of my creations it made sense to change things around a bit.

My new Etsy store will have all artwork created other than the “daily paintings” category (anything 6" x 8" and smaller). I will update this shop as more artwork is created. As I am new to this experience, if you see things I overlooked on Etsy please bring them to my attention. Thanks, Liz