Forelle Pear #2 Daily Painting

04 2009 forelle pear 2.jpg

Forelle Pear #2 – 6" x 4" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Here is the second pear of this series. With this painting I returned to using my typical brush, a filbert bristle. I use Maestro2 because they are longer than most other brands, so they are springier. Sometimes I will also use Isebey’s Chungking Bristle, these are more firm and have their uses. What I like most about using bristle brushes is that the springy and flexible tips allow for great ease of mixing paint on the canvas without the fear of lifting up the previous layers of paint. This may also be a result of the filbert brush shape. This is what Harold Speed says about filberts “a fine brush to draw with, as being flat it paints in planes, and having a rounded top is capable of getting in and out of a variety of contours.”