Forelle Pear #3 Daily Painting

forelle pear 3.jpg

Forelle Pear #3 – 6" x 4" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Hi ~

How is the weather where you’re at? Here in DC it has been gray skies and rain since Monday. It is starting to get me down some. It is great for the trees and plants, but it is hard to be motivated to go outside.

Today’s painting was completed again with the synthetic rounds I have been experimenting with this time using larger sizes than on Monday’s painting. Today I used mainly a size 5 and sometimes a size 3, where previously I worked with sizes 0 &1. When I was painting on Monday I began to wonder if the size of the brush also affected the “stiffness” of the brush, which then in turn influences how paint is laid down on top of previous layers. Well with this brand it does make a big difference! I was really surprised and because the tip is quite fine, laying down small details is still possible when using a size 5.

See you tomorrow and let's hope for sunny skies! Liz