Friday Inspiration: Museums, videos and links

06 2009 Friday Inspiration.jpg
{ A postcard and peonies on my desk in the studio}

Hello, before the weekend begins here are a few things that have been holding my attention this week.

} Now that I am making a more concerted effort to draw and watercolor in my sketchbooks, I have been contemplating making my own. Roz first inspired me to think about this option and I have been watching some book binding tutorials on Youtube starting with this one.

} I discovered this collection of watercolor paintings by Nina Johansson {1} {2} {3} I am particulary inspired by her use of pattern, view, and tonal quality in each painting.

} This Friday is the third week of Artomatic, and during the week I have connected with some local artists that are also bloggers all thanks to the open atmosphere Artomatic enables. It has been nice getting to know Elizabeth Seaver, Liz Holm, and Tracey Clarke more this week.

} I also visited the Freer Gallery on the Mall. Finally seeing the Peacock Room and then more Whistler etchings and paintings. The museum also has a wonderful painting by SergeantBreakfast in the Loggia” His ability to capture the quality of light and warm glow of the morning sun, took my breathe away. I want to paint like this!

Have you come across anything especially inspiring? If so please leave a comment and share what it was, I always love hearing what has your attention. Have a great weekend, Liz