My reading pile

{my current reading pile}


Do you keep a pile of books that are your current focus? I have always done this. Though lately I have been putting everything into a small tote bag and carrying it everywhere I go also. This keeps my handbag from becoming too large and heavy {looking out for my back} and makes sure I have reading material for all sorts of occasions, like arriving at my PT a little early or having an hour between appointments.
The top book is the one I have been reading from most this month, and when in the studio I am trying out some of the suggestions the author makes. I am still exploring and trying new things out, hopefully soon I will have some new work to share.
Also last week the talented Veronica Funk was kind to nominate this blog of mine for the Sunshine Award. Thank you Veronica! Please visit her great blog and wonderful website when you get a chance.

Now it is my turn to nominate 12 blogs.

I selected from the variety of artists I visit, as I appreciate all styles and methods of creativity. I am so glad these artists take the time to share with us on their blogs. Please take a moment and check them out!

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