Work in Progress...

20100301 WIP Daffodils
{detail of new painting}
Hi there,
How are you today? and did you spend your weekend well?
Ours was filled with moments of joy, spending time together and with friends, playing a game of 8 ball, spending time in the studio and sleeping in on Sunday {something we hardly ever do}. It was a luxurious weekend...
The time in the studio was focused primarily on one of three paintings that are in various stages of completion. I have been churning in a particular area of this painting, so I am taking a break from this particular painting today and tomorrow, with the hope that clearing my mind and focusing on another piece will give me an opportunity to get my head around the technical issue that has reared its head... The detail above is the focal point of the painting, daffodils, a true sign that Spring is on its way... So far they are only in the grocery stores, but it can only be a matter of weeks before the parkway has fields of them.
Have a wonderful afternoon, Liz