As the days are lengthening,
I am loving the warm glow of the afternoon sun.
What have you been noticing?
Today was an excellent day spent in my figure painting class taught by Danni Dawson where I wiped down everything I placed on the canvas. It just was not going well and in the end sometimes it is just better to call it a day and plan to start over again next time. I am trying out a heavy weave linen canvas that is posing all sorts of technical challenges, though I will keep trying until mastery is achieved. So every time I wipe down my work I feel like I have gained something new. {here is a nice post about Danni’s latest painting that was hung in the Art League Faculty Show}

Also for today, I want to thank Kara Holloway from the Love List for the nice interview about my work. I feel so special being a part of the “Artist + Muse” series.

Have a nice evening,