Class Work

201005 Leslie WIP
{detail of Leslie ~ 24 x 18 inches}

Here is a portrait work in progress from Thursday's class. It is a five session portrait sitting and this is as far as I got during the first class. The arms are pretty psychodelic because I have been experimenting more with bright underpaintings. This really helps the skin glow from a distance, the face also started out this bright, with an orange on the light side and a deep pink/red on the shadow side. I then worked wet in wet to develop the actual fleshtones. Leslie's eyelid got a little too blue, something I will tackle later in the process, today's goal with this painting is to get the other parts to an equal footing.
Below is a 1-1/2 hour color study sketch from Tuesday's class. It also started out with the bright underpainting, and some of it continues to shine through because of it being a quick exercise.

20100518 figure sketch 10x8

{Figure Sketch - 8x10 inches - Oil on Canvas Panel}