Almost Complete & Some Good News...

201005 Pitcher and Apples WIP1.jpg
{Almost finished ~ Pitcher and Apples ~ 18x24 inches}

Here is the entire painting of the detail I shared last week. I am planning on fiddling with it a little more, refining a few areas and to wait for a really sunny afternoon so I can really observe and capture the fascinating highlights that reflect the studio window. Today has been a luxury in that I have stayed home working on this painting and planning future ones. The weeks have been flying by since April as I am enrolled in three different figure/portrait painting classes and one online landscape class. I have been just trying to keep afloat with attending classes and completing the homework. Oh well, you never you’re your limits until you reach beyond them… For the summer term my schedule will not be so full!

In the midst of all this I have also been sending in submissions to various juried exhibitions and competitions and this month three of my paintings have been accepted into two different shows. In June two of my paintings, Figs and Pomegranate on a Wooden Crate will be exhibited at the Rawls Museum Arts, and in July Three Apples on a Wooden Crate will be part of the Salmagundi Club Annual Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in New York City. I am pretty excited about both shows as I have been entering a lot of them this year and have had on and off success. So my thoughts are to keep entering shows and make the most of all opportunities available, as you never know when a painting will capture the eye of a juror, the Three Apples painting has been turned down from other shows only be selected for the Salmagundi Club show.

I will see you tomorrow to share some of the recent work from my figure painting class.