Visiting Whitby, UK {part 1}


20130610 Whitby-1{view of Whitby, North Yorkshire}


We arrived home from our trip to the Northern Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby.

Before leaving for the trip, I had some pretty grand ideas about sketching multiple times a day… and I packed lightly in regard to art supplies, I did not want to be burdened with too many choices, the goal was just to sketch.

20130610 whitby-art-supplies {my supplies}

The plan was to gamble around with Naomi until I found something interesting, sit down and whip out a quick sketch while Naomi soaked in the sights and/or played safely nearby… however this is not how in reality it turned out.

So I took a ton of photographs and made the most of the time I was sharing with S. and Naomi…

20130610 Whitby-2 20130610 Whitby-21

20130610 Whitby-320130610 Whitby-3120130610 Whitby-4 20130610 Whitby-41

20130610 Whitby-520130610 Whitby-6