Visiting Whitby, UK {part 2}

Whitby is located on the mouth of the River Esk as it flows into the North Sea.  The coastal region experiences significant tidal variations, so the harbor area has tall seawalls and the waters are subject to very strong currents. It was amazing to see how low the water would get a low tide and then a few hours later the water level would be close to twelve feet higher. The city center hugs the River Esk, and is down in the valley.  A lot of the lanes are narrow and steep walking paths, cobbled and quirky.

20130614 Whitby-1

{River Esk at mid-tide}

The newer parts of the town (19th century and beyond) are built on the headlands, which were high above the seashore and river level.  So everyday when Naomi and I would head out from our cottage, we would head downhill.  Making the walk seem like a breeze.

20130614 whitby-2

The Whitby Coast seen from the top of the headlands at low tide.  At high tide the water would be all the way in and several feet deep at the seawall.

20130614 Whitby-3

{our cottage for the trip}

In this post, I want to share some of the charming features we encountered in Whitby... how beautiful the gardens were and how the local architecture was so diverse and adapted to the terrain.

Along the harbor, some homes carved out their own private paradise... flowers grew everywhere, in cracks and crannies, lovingly in well-planned boarders, and in some gardens untamed and wild.

20130614 whitby-4

20130614 whitby-5

20130614 whitby-6

20130614 whitby-7

20130614 whitby-8

Whitby also had its share of grand homes... can you imaging having tea in this beautiful garden? I think it would be like stepping into a Jane Austen novel...