Life Lately...

...has been going by fast and I am not able to keep up. 20140514 life-lately-1

In April I caught a cold and fell behind with everything, including posting paintings, doing laundry, and a lot of odds and ends... and here we are in the middle of May, and I still am behind in catching up with my energy levels.

20140514 life-lately-2

The good news is that Naomi is thriving, and she is great at keeping my spirits up. I just hope that in no time I will snap out of the lingering effects of this cold and return to normal.

20140514 life-lately-3

Until then, please forgive my absences and know that I will get back to regularly posting as soon as I can.

20140514 life-lately-4

I will leave you now, and I hope you are having a marvelous spring. Enjoy the rest of the week and this upcoming weekend.