The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil by Claude Monet: Session 6

20140508 monet-2 copy

{progress at the end of the day}


I am back after a long break {thank you all for your understanding and concern, I am feeling much better and really appreciate all the emails and comments} and, I am eager to share with you my progress with this copy from where we left off at session 5.

Entering gallery 85, I was rearing to go because I thought this was going to be my last day on this painting… however, once arriving I found out that the easel and drop cloth that the NGA provides, was not present in my gallery. As copyists, we are not allowed to procure them, even if they are only in the next gallery over. It is regulation, and I accepted that… so I cooled my heels for about 45 minutes waiting for an easel to be moved from the neighboring gallery.

During this time I set up my painting in front of the original so I could compare the two. This extra time to contemplate my work and direction was helpful, and once the easel entered gallery 85, I started on the day.

20140508 monet-1 copy

{waiting for my easel and drop cloth}

I only had the bottom part of the painting to work on, because as a whole I am satisfied with the upper half of the painting. It was a close day, full of lots of energy… though, the day was not full of enough time. I did not finish by the time I needed to leave the gallery {4pm}, so only a bit more to finish, the blue and white flower pots and the grass on the right hand side.

All in all, it was a good painting day.

20140508 monet-3

{progress at the end of the day}