First Daffodils of Spring, 14 x 18 inches

First Daffodils of Spring

First Daffodils of Spring

First Daffodils of Spring

The first spring that we lived in our home I was delighted to discover some daffodils blooming under and around a large oak in our yard. And in the subsequent years I have added more and more patches of daffodils, all in anticipation for the first daffodils to emerge from the ground.

As spring starts to show in the world, I become full of hope and excitement. Every morning I will go out and scout the areas where I know some bulbs were planted, just to see what may have emerged in the previous 24 hours. Sometimes counting the number of flower buds in anticipation of floral abundance and what I may bring inside to paint!

This painting was completed last spring, just as the world was warming up. I was motivated to capture every sparkling detail and shimmer of the cool spring light that was filtering into the studio. I was fascinated with the bright yellows and translucency of the petals, and how notes of glowing color could be found when I would slow down and observe the flowers carefully.


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