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Ringtone and Flower Record Daffodils, 14 x 11 inches

Ringtone and Flower Record Daffodils

In my quest to always paint the flowers that I grow in my garden, about three years ago, I began reading more about gardening. The magazine that has had the most influence on me in the last few years is the British periodical, "Gardens Illustrated" and as a result of religiously reading this magazine from cover to cover, I have begun to realize how helpful it is to use the correct names for the different plants and flowers I grow.

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Peony Festiva Maxima and Flower Bud, 8 x 10 inches

Peonies Festiva Maxima and Flower Bud

This is a painting I began on my own in the studio, and then demonstrated to my Saturday morning students how I finish a piece.  Sometimes this final phase where I am tying up loose ends and trying to unify a piece can take extra time to resolve.  So after the 3-hour class was over, I continued on a bit more adding the finishing touches.

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