Queen Anne's Lace and Vintage Sunburst Quilt, 24 x 36 Inches

Queen Anne's Lace and Vintage Sunburst Quilt

For the past two summers I have had Queen Anne’s Lace growing in my garden and have always wanted to paint it. This year I finally came up with the idea of how I wanted to highlight and accent all of the characteristics that so mesmerize and captivate me with regard to this flower.

Queen Anne’s lace is a delicate white flower with carrot-top like leaves, everything about this flower, the stems, the flower heads and the leaves are all lace like and I wanted to make this aspect of the flower read even more so in my painting.

This painting is composed of a vintage sunburst quilt with beautiful golds and blues and reds on a creamy feedsack background. The sun patterns of the quilt repeat the flat dense umbel shape of the flower heads, while the large Provence comfit jars offset the delicate and spindly nature of the flowers. Overall the painting composition is about similarities and opposites with my love of fabric and pattern included into the mix.

Queen Anne’s Lace and Vintage Sunburst Quilt
24x36 inches, oil on linen

Available, for inquires please email contact@elizabethfloyd.com