Ringtone and Flower Record Daffodils, 14 x 11 inches


Ringtone and Flower Record Daffodils

In my quest to always paint the flowers that I grow in my garden, about three years ago, I began reading more about gardening. The magazine that has had the most influence on me in the last few years is the British periodical, "Gardens Illustrated" and as a result of religiously reading this magazine from cover to cover, I have begun to realize how helpful it is to use the correct names for the different plants and flowers I grow.

So this past spring when I was digging up my garden and relocating it to my new garden, I began to identify and catalog what species and varieties of daffodils I had. The two types in this painting are Narcissus "Ringtone" and Narcissus "Flower Record". What I love about the "Ringtone" variety is that the outer petals start off buff/champagne and as the flowers age the outer petals shift to a warm buttery yellow. Where "Flower Record" has outer petals that are always a brilliant white and a cup-shaped, yellow crown edged in red. This type of daffodil is also an heirloom variety, circa 1940, which is both a terrific naturalizer and a good forcer (meaning you can plant them inside for early blooms).

Okay, I have 'geeked out' enough on these flowers, I just wanted to share this little tidbit with you and I hope you enjoy knowing some of the background on these lovely daffodils.

{14" x 11" – oil on linen}

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