From Garden to Vase, a collection of floral paintings


I am so happy to share that this collection is now available!
So many months have been dedicated to creating this collection of paintings.

While creating this collection of paintings, I have been thinking a lot about why flowers are so important to me. I have been delving into memories of my childhood to when flowers played a significant role in my interactions with the women who influenced my life. And what I realize is that often when flowers were given and it was an expression of love.

Because of this deep connection with flowers, I am constantly inspired to paint them. I feel driven to capture the beauty found in these delicate objects. Creating paintings that highlight this love and admiration I feel when I bring flowers inside from the garden.

It is my goal that this collection of paintings will share this sense of joy and love with you. Adding beauty to your daily life.

Thank you so much for inviting me into your life. I hope these paintings find cherished homes.